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My Journaled Life – A Linkup

Hi lovely!

I have an invitation for you…

An invitation to join a (free!) journaling community!

A place where you get time alone for self-care and deep reflection, encouragement to take a few minutes everyday to write about what is in your heart and mind, what’s happening in your life. An environment where you are inspired by others doing the same work to take a more earnest, deep, introspective look at your self; your soul.

Selfie Journal

I have learned so much about myself through journaling. The things I write in my notebook are the things that come from my head and heart; the things I truly believe about myself. They are not always the best, most impressive and loving things, I’ll admit, but it’s gotten so much better. I’ve gotten so much better. And I want that for you too.

Which is why I’m inviting you (and all your blogging friends) to join the MY Journaled Life linkup this year.

Here’s how it will work…

MJL - linkup

 Journal Prompts | JANUARY

1 | What is it that you absolutely, without a doubt, believe is true?

2 | Which goal, resolution, priority or value have you made that will stretch you the most this year?

3 | If you were to choose ONE word to focus on this year, what would it be and why?

4 | Take/choose one photo of something that is “just simply beautiful” to you; journal about it.

5 | What are you looking forward to saying goodbye to in 2016?


Monthly Prompts.

The first Tuesday of each month, you’ll find three to five prompts here on A Journaled Life (January’s prompts are above). Go to your journal and write your heart. Write freely and honestly, have fun with it and most importantly keep it real.

Being a Part of the Linkup Community.

Revisit your writing, re-read it and then write a post on your own blog (or leave your thoughts in the comment section) to share on the next month’s linkup. You are free to share as much or as little as you like, but I really encourage you to share something; vulnerability connects us.

The only expectations for posting in the linkup community are that…

1 | your link is to your related post, NOT your homepage or unrelated topics (these will be deleted from the linkup)

2 | you will have only 7 days to linkup before the window for that month closes

3 | that you will read and comment on the blogger’s post who linked up just before you. In an effort to build community and connect – it is expected that you take a few minutes to ‘share the love’ with others who are journaling through this experience alongside you

Easy breezy, right? You’ve got this!

And when one month is up…


Look for the new prompts in the coming month, get to journaling and plan to share.


It’s that simple.

I’m so very excited that you are here in this space and truly hope you will commit to this experience this year and invite your pals to join us; I’ll be sharing too!

Go ahead and grab the button from the sidebar, add it to your blog then – THE BEST PART – begin journaling! I’ll see you back here in February.

Be blessed…

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