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I have missed this space and sharing in it, but I’ve been busy since my last post; busy making room.

I didn’t even realize that I was doing this, but while reading this year’s Naptime Diaries Advent Devotional (now out of stock), Advent took on new meaning for me.

In full transparency, we don’t begin counting down until December 1st for Christmas. And we do it in ways that help us remember Who it is that we are excited to celebrate (me, with postcards that have scriptures, names or events related to Jesus’ birth – my son, with his Lego Star Wars countdown calendar). Either way, we are excited!

While working through the Advent Devotional, it hit me. Something that I’d been doing for years and not even realizing it, was not only making room for celebrating the birth of Jesus, but also busying myself to make room for the promises that come after He was born.

I’ve done it in a casual way, only thinking that I was nesting or keeping myself distracted as a result of the holidays being tough and sad for us, but this year, I realized that within me, I had been making room – each year – for the birth and blessings that follow.

MAKING ROOM – spatially

I’ve partnered up with another stay-at-home mom and we’ve agreed to tackle those projects that have been building up around our homes this past year, or even past few months. We send before and after photos to one another of the spaces we’re working on and cheer one another; especially for those projects we don’t want to touch – heck, we’ve been already avoiding them for months…

Like this one for me.

We agreed we would only tackle one or two a day and take the day of Christmas off to really enjoy it and spend quality time with our families. I have been at it for a few days and whenever I make progress and complete one of the projects on my list, I am fired up and able to tackle two more.


Here are the things that have popped up for me as a result of traveling at Thanksgiving and another recent trip that took us out of our home for four days.

Quiet Time Area


Cork board (where we display photos, cards and thank-you notes)

Shelving Under Computer

Kitchen Shelves

Bathroom Cabinets



Laundry Closet

Coat Closet

Update photos in frames

Reorganize Pantry

My Closet (this will take a couple of few days)

At the time of sharing this, I have completed the first seven things on the list. I share that to encourage you. But please know that I have a 16yo son, I am a stay-at-home mom, I did most of my shopping in early November online and I went from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment. This is not to downplay the progress I’ve been making, but to encourage you to get after those things, those spaces that are just cluttered. Those spaces that you walk away from because just looking at them causes stress. Those things you haven’t used all year but are holding onto because…you forgot why you’re holding on to them.

Go ahead, set a timer, get out a garbage bag, enlist your child(ren) to take part and start to make room.

MAKE ROOM – spiritually

In the lovely devotional I mentioned above, I read this…

“Jesus stands and knocks at the door and waits for an invitation. He waits for us to open the door and welcome him into our lives, every space of our lives. He births new life in our spaces, if we would just open more doors.

As the days lead up to Christmas, let’s remember this holiday is not about opening presents, but about opening doors to the One who stands and knocks.” | Meredith Hutton

This was it. What I was doing with our physical space was also happening in my heart. It’s what I want to encourage each of you to do too.

When we de-clutter our space, our to-do lists, our responsibilities, our obligations, our minds, our hearts and our lives, we make room for Him to come in and do Him. To do what only He can do.

In all of the busyness and expectation of this season, my encouragement for all of us, is to be steadfast in making room for Jesus in our hearts. Not just on Christmas Day, but everyday that we’re given.Even with all of the craziness at this time of year. You can make room for His coming and His staying.

Invite Him into even a little bit of space, just watch, He’ll work with it.


I’ve had a great start and am going to be getting back to it, taking the rest of the year off from blogging. It is a time for me to really nestle in and reflect and listen and let go and I want to do it peacefully. I will be back with a couple of new things on the blog around the start of the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

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