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Making It Happen 6×6

Good stuff isn’t it?

I really don’t have anything to add to it except for how I’m making it practical for me and my kiddo.

By now, you know I journal stuff…

Brainstorming 6x6


And my preparation for putting together my 6×6 was no different. For me this wasn’t a stretch since I’d already done the significant work of prioritizing my values and what I’d hoped to make happen as a result of planning with my Powersheets. This work was not in vain, the 6×6 exercise helped me to narrow my focus and gear up for a laser beam work ethic. I like this!

Each of the items that made the final cut had to be a “yes” to this question: Does this match up with my values & priorities? 

That wasn’t as difficult as having to commit to narrowing the focus to 6 and even putting some of them on there because it meant the procrastination feelings that were already creeping up on a few of them would not be allowed to takeover.

So with all that said, here are my 6 focal points for the next 6 weeks.

My 6x6


Beginning on Sunday, I will be focused on the following:

1 | My 16yo son (who I call “D” in a hurry) and I will continue to read a couple of verses from 1 Peter each morning on the way to school/before school and discuss. And at our weekly Sunday business meetings, I will begin to train him on the process of the 6×6 by making it a more manageable 3×3. I think he’ll need to have successes more quickly and I’ve really been praying for his commitment to things.

2 | I am prayerful that we can raise the remaining money for our Guatemala trip in the next six weeks. God still does miracles y’all!

3 | It’s been humbling to be called into various roles of volunteer leadership for the church and in my sorority. I’ve had experience with the roles I’m serving in and ways that I’m being called to serve but truly believe there is some sort of focus that I need to have that will carry across all of these entities that will help me to be present and to grow as I help others do the same.

4 | There is SO much to the YoungLiving business. I’ve been a loyal customer for over a year and have been moved to start building this business and supporting people in their own wellness as I embrace and develop our own. I’m terrified!

5 | The link-up has gotten some great private feedback. I can imagine folks journaling about the prompts and that excites my heart. It’s important to me that this doesn’t become something that sneaks up on me or is done poorly, so I want to focus on it for the next six weeks and plan ahead to make it something great so that I can really focus on guiding people in the process and the revelations that come from the journaling and not so much on preparing for the linkup each month. I’ll keep it real with you too, I also want it to look pretty; I’m one of those visual folks.

6 | This was the one that I struggled to write on the notecard, to include in this first 6×6. Even though I told someone else I would be finishing with the online course photography course I’ve already registered and paid for and had goals to complete the coursework before spring, I didn’t want to get started on it. It’s just going to be so much to learn and will the photos turn out well and my camera isn’t working well and the warranty has expired and enter excuse and another excuse here. Sometimes, this is the very kind of reaction I need to know that something needs to be brought to the forefront.

I don’t see this as ANOTHER goal setting tool or another technique for me, but as a fantastic way for me to narrow my focus and get down to several things so that they can be done. Tackling these 6 doesn’t mean that they won’t ever show up in another 6×6 cycle or that I’ll be quitting the thing(s) once the 6 weeks is up. Not having done this before, I’m estimating that this process will help keep me from feeling overwhelmed and avoid busy for busy-sake. I’m also hoping it will help me to say “no” more easily when things come up that don’t fit with what I’m focused on.

Don’t work outside the home? Don’t have the kids? Don’t have goals for the new year? You can still do the 6×6! Watch the video again and allow yourself to be open to the possibilities.

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