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I really enjoy reading magazines. The “girly ones”. The ones that tell you what will be in season and what color you should wear and what the new trends are. And it’s funny because I don’t subscribe to that stuff. A visit to my closet and you won’t see me in the trends – well you will they will just be trends from years ago. I mean y-e-a-r-s ago.

More than that superficial but fun distracting content, I like finding the gems or nuggets in magazines where women reveal a bit of vulnerability about themselves. When their celebrity is set aside for even a moment and their humanness is shared. It reminds me of how normal and alike we really are.

In the September 2015 magazine issue of InStyle, one of these nuggets appeared before my eyes.

Did anyone else see it?

For this new column, InStyle has partnered with the nonprofit organization I Am That Girl. Their goal in this column is to chat frankly with celebrities about issues affecting women’s self-esteem.

Now, I have all kinds of thoughts about our “self-esteem” that I won’t get into here but I am appreciating the attempt to connect us as women and for us to look for commonalities rather than differences and comparisons between us. So, I read on. Every word.

And then Lea Michele won a small corner of my heart when she shared two things…

1 | No one knows you better than you. Except maybe your mother. TRUTH!

2 | That her new book, Brunette Ambition (I have not read this book), a New York Times bestseller, is a journal-slash-workbook designed to help women achieve their goals.

“Journaling has helped me so much in my career. It gave me a safe space where I could write about my dreams without anyone telling me what I could or couldn’t do. I still have those notebooks with me writing about wanting to get a TV show.” | InStyle 536p

I’ve had this experience with journaling. Things I’ve recorded (and prayed over) have come to be. I’ll admit though, it’s been awhile since I’ve dreamt and dreamt big. I mean like huge. And to be quite honest, I have a pretty full life so there isn’t much I long for but there are a few dreams I have in my heart. I am a woman of desire – a woman who desires to do meaningful work for God (still listening for what that means) and a woman who desires to see great and godly things in her son’s life (so far, so good).

But, the practice of dreaming has been re-ignited in me and I am dreaming and journaling about these things and a few others and it’s exciting! I encourage you to try it.

Dare to journal your dreams.

Be bold.

Write it all down.

Pour it all out.

See what He has in store for you.

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