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52 Lists Project Journal

I am SO excited about this project for a few of reasons! 1 | Because a friend who knows me better than I realized found and bought me one and I didn’t even know it existed. I love feeling loved by God through others. So good. 2 | Because it’s something I know I’ll use and […]

Making It Happen 6×6

Good stuff isn’t it? I really don’t have anything to add to it except for how I’m making it practical for me and my kiddo. By now, you know I journal stuff… GETTING TO MY 6 And my preparation for putting together my 6×6 was no different. For me this wasn’t a stretch since I’d […]


This is truly one of my most favorite times of the year. Well, yes because of Christmas and the holiday cheer and its meaning and its wonder but also because I start planning for the following year. ___ This has caused me much angst in years past. Partially because I’ve tried to do it all […]


Last year, my son and I took a Norwegian Cruise to the Caribbean with dozens of other Gold Star Families for the Heroes at Sea experience with our Camp Hometown Heroes family. It was a treat to travel with some of our favorite people on the planet. We were especially grateful to have had so many volunteers travel with […]