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I really enjoy reading magazines. The “girly ones”. The ones that tell you what will be in season and what color you should wear and what the new trends are. And it’s funny because I don’t subscribe to that stuff. A visit to my closet and you won’t see me in the trends – well you will they […]


Today is a special day for many reasons. It’s my sorority’s National Day of Service today. I’m co-hosting my first women’s small group with lovelies from our new church in our little apartment, Star Wars: Episode VII tickets go on sale tonight (woot! woot!) AND it’s “Evaluate Your Life” Day. Go, Google it! It’s a real thing and one that I […]

In This Middle Space

I have been struggling with recovery from having my wisdom teeth removed. I didn’t expect that I would bounce back like my son when he had his out at 15yo and was eating a cheeseburger in 3 days, but I did not also anticipate my lengthy recovery. Even as I sit and write this, I am […]


I have missed this space and sharing in it, but I’ve been busy since my last post; busy making room. I didn’t even realize that I was doing this, but while reading this year’s Naptime Diaries Advent Devotional (now out of stock), Advent took on new meaning for me. In full transparency, we don’t begin counting down until December 1st […]