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6X6, Round II

Last week had some tests and trials which were not necessarily overwhelming in quality but definitely had my attention in the quantity of them. It was interesting as it was my week of recommended reflection after having finished my very first round of Bill Hybel’s 6×6. You can read about it here.

I learned a lot from this process. A process that I’m going to go another ’round with.


Here’s how it went…

1 | Have my 16yo participate in a 3×3, an abbreviated version of this.

It was difficult to get him to do more than once. I’m taking full responsibility for this though because when I explained it to him, shared that I was participating and he reaped the benefits of it, he was sold. I neglected to follow up and be diligent with him. My ongoing approach will be to model it and share about its benefits as I pursue this but will not force him to do it.

2 | Fundraise the total amount of the money for our Guatemala mission trip.

We did! Read about it here.

3 | Clarity in the volunteer/leadership capacities I said yes to.

This was made crystal clear. And sometimes it was a bit disappointing, very humbling and quite honestly liberating. I did not have to force anything, but did have to have some direct conversations. It also became clear to me that I would need to accept lesser responsibility in the capacities that I’d signed on for. I am completely faithful that this means that something in me is being pruned and that I am being prepared for something different; something that isn’t yet clear.

4 | Building my YoungLiving business

This was not easy, but my second month of intentional building, I was able to reach the first rank – Star – for the second month in a row. In those successes, I have wanted to quit 612 times. I can see what they mean about how much this business is about personal development. A part of my weak character was revealed in recognizing that I have been a much better worker for someone else than I’ve been working for myself. It’s still terrifying, but I’m moving forward in the battlefield of my mind and in growing my business.

5 | The Monthly A Journaled Life Linkup

I am just excited that I even know how to create one of these. It’s been so good for my blogging confidence. I will say that I’ve not been diligent with journaling the prompts at a steady pace, but sometimes that I am rushing through the responses to have something to share – hmmmmmm….

I think this is a perfect example of what I was sharing about in number 4.

6 | Online Photography Course

I made a syllabus, but have not stuck to it. At all. I got scared or something. I’m not sure how else to explain it except that it can’t be something that fits into a six week cycle. To learn the lessons in this course and learn them well, I need to take the chunks of information into smaller pieces, put them into practice and then post them to be able to see my own progress.


Does the lack of perfect completion in each of these areas mean that God is not faithful or that I did not consult Him well enough ? That I just chose what I wanted to focus on for six weeks and got what I deserved? I wouldn’t agree with these, but would say that it is what the enemy was diligent in forcing at me. He wanted me to believe that I was a failure.

At one point, I was allowing myself to be berated…

“Can’t you finish anything? Told you, you were never going to be be in a position to do these things, let alone do them well. No wonder you’ve been demoted, dismissed and denied.”

It was a heavier week reflecting on my first 6×6 round and though I can not claim each item a complete success as I’d hoped, I learned more about God’s character than I had anticipated. What was to be a completion of some tasks for me, something that increased my focus on a few things and doing them well, He revealed His unending grace, His love and discipline for me and how much further I needed to grow in being truly perseverant in matters that don’t produce the results I anticipate on the schedule that I long for in the exact manner I think it’s going to look. Can anyone else relate?

I began journaling before my first round of 6×6 was over. The areas of growth were clear to me. The change would not necessarily be affected by having a new round of things to focus on but instead that I would need to grow as a follower of Jesus to be able to truly shine my light in the areas that I would be focusing on, no matter what they might be.


So starting today…

1 | I will go over every inch of our apartment, garage and vehicle to be sure that it’s really clean. That unused things are gifted or donated and that every surface is as clean I can be. It probably won’t take me the entire six weeks, but I’m excited to get down to it. Tis the season for spring cleaning ain’t it?

2 | I’ve had the pleasure of leasing our Honda CRV from a trusted friend, but the lease comes to an end early next year. The lease started in WI (where I got the car) so I need to know what can happen next; continue lease, purchase or return the car in exchange for another one. It’s also going to be important for me to start considering the potential of a second vehicle for my son who will likely be driving off to work and/or college in the fall of 2017.

3 | In addition to considering that he’s going to be finishing high school next year, it’s time for me to step in and help navigate the post-graduation process that best suits where he thinks he’s headed. It’s not enough to look at a traditional four college year program, he’s not sure of what he wants to do, so we need to consider many avenues, the funding that will support him and the requirements/responsibilities he must satisfy to get on down that road.

4 | My YoungLiving business is off to a good start but I still have tons to learn. I mean, T-O-N-S! So the next six weeks, I’ll be putting energy into reviewing my training bootcamp experience and building a schedule that helps me grow, develop a solid team and still do the things I NEED to as well as the things I ENJOY.

5 | It’s been a struggle with using social media these past four weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the politics or the pressure or just that I’m finding it to be “work”. I am not ready to leave it altogether, but I certainly think I need to have more direction and purpose while using it. I suppose that this is more about me and how I’m showing up to use these social media platforms, but that is what I’m preparing to spend this next 6×6 trying to find out. LinkedIn, Facebook (my personal feed as well as two pages I’m managing and the groups I’m a part of), Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and my blog – I want to be a part of these platforms, but I want to be sure that I’m participating with purpose and intention.

6 | And more writing…

Much.more.writing. I have been doing a better job of writing in this space, but I want to push myself even further. I believe that I have something to share. And I enjoy writing, so I will continue writing and putting myself “out there” subjecting myself to rejection, pushing through insecurity and being faithfully courageous as I submit 3 pieces as posts on other blogs and/or online magazines. Even if nothing is published, I am eager to pursue the practice.


Pray for me. It really isn’t about the doing. It’s so much about the intentional energy and pursuit of God in it all.

Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men

Colossians 3:23

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