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52 Lists Project Journal

I am SO excited about this project for a few of reasons!

1 | Because a friend who knows me better than I realized found and bought me one and I didn’t even know it existed. I love feeling loved by God through others. So good.

2 | Because it’s something I know I’ll use and didn’t have to create myself.


The 52 Lists Project, created by Moorea Seal is explained here. The why, how, what for and the opportunity for community, it’s really so very exciting and the book is well, let’s be real, it’s pretty!

The journal is loaded with beautiful photography and illustrations and gives plenty of lined spaces to respond to the prompts in list form. At the end of every list, there is a prompt that inspires you to take action as a result of the things you put on your list.

Since the pages aren’t dated – only grouped by seasons – you can start wherever you’d like. I’ll be starting mine on December 1st and breaking out my washi tape as a fun, very low maintenance creative way for me to date the pages.

A few examples of the lists:

List 03 | List the happiest moments of your life so far.

List 16 | List your essentials.

List 36 | List everything you love to do outdoors.

List 44 | List the words that warm your spirit.

I just love it. Such a perfect gift for a journaling nut like me. Having not used something like this for myself yet, I’m not sure how it’ll go except that I plan to keep it bedside and work on the lists a little bit each evening before bed. I anticipate some of the responses to the prompts will push me into journaling sessions for further discovery. I don’t want to restrict my experience with this lovely gift, but I am so excited about having another opportunity to collect my heart on paper.

My 16yo son would never think of wanting these types of things to remember me by in my old age or after my death, but my prayer is that knowing my heart would be one of his greatest treasures someday and I believe using and saving this journal could help with that.

I’m so excited to get started and hope you will join me in the #52ListsProject community!

Thank you dear friend, you know who are. I’m so thankful for you (List 7 | List all the people who brighten your day) – you are a gift!


The 52 Lists Project can be found on starting at $9.32 each.

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