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One of the many reasons I enjoy the blogging community…

While getting caught up on my blog reading, I came across Miss Bailey Jean’s blog and her post about a few challenges she is embarking upon – all at once! – and found some motivation I was seeking to help me start sharing about my use of Young Living products.

Check out how easy it is…

  1. Choose your action (an action you will repeat for 100 days).
  2. Find a unique hashtag for your project like #100daysof…  (This is very important! Choose your own so you can have all of your work under one hashtag.
  3. Announce your project on Instagram with your hashtag and share using #the100dayproject.
  4. Finally, start this project on Tuesday, April 19th, repeating your action UP TO & INCLUDING July 27, 2016.

I am excited to be sharing #100daysofyoungliving on my @theoilsofourlives Instagram feed. The goal is to share how we use the products in our everyday lives in one post each day. I don’t know if there will be any repetition but I’m sure that we have enough products and different ways to use them to participate in and complete this challenge over the next 98 days.

I started on Day 02 and am posting this to share with you on Day 03. If you’re joining in, I hope you won’t delay in getting on board as we pursue 100 days of doing one thing and sharing it with others.

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