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6X6, Round II

Last week had some tests and trials which were not necessarily overwhelming in quality but definitely had my attention in the quantity of them. It was interesting as it was my week of recommended reflection after having finished my very first round of Bill Hybel’s 6×6. You can read about it here. I learned a lot […]

My Journaled Life – A Linkup

Hi lovely! I have an invitation for you… An invitation to join a (free!) journaling community! A place where you get time alone for self-care and deep reflection, encouragement to take a few minutes everyday to write about what is in your heart and mind, what’s happening in your life. An environment where you are inspired […]

Savoring Your Season

Our church family is engaged in a 7 week study on transformation. We have daily devotionals that we tackle as individuals, small group sessions where we watch a video and have great discussion and then on the weekends, come together to hear a message preached by our lead pastor. After week two (last weekend) the phrase I’m […]


I really enjoy reading magazines. The “girly ones”. The ones that tell you what will be in season and what color you should wear and what the new trends are. And it’s funny because I don’t subscribe to that stuff. A visit to my closet and you won’t see me in the trends – well you will they […]

On Quitting Facebook

Oh dear Facebook, dear, dear Facebook… I think it’s time and you know it. I’ve been wrestling with you and me for weeks now. Wondering why I was showing up and giving over so many valuable minutes to you (even with 9 months of social media free weekends). You know you weren’t adding value to […]


Today is a special day for many reasons. It’s my sorority’s National Day of Service today. I’m co-hosting my first women’s small group with lovelies from our new church in our little apartment, Star Wars: Episode VII tickets go on sale tonight (woot! woot!) AND it’s “Evaluate Your Life” Day. Go, Google it! It’s a real thing and one that I […]


A dear friend emailed me about 8 weeks ago and invited me to take an online class with her. When it comes to spiritual growth, learning more about the character of God and doing as the Spirit calls us to, I trust her. And though the class has a Holy Yoga component to it (not for me), it […]

DIY Perpetual Journal

Last December, my son and I visited a high school friend of mine who lives in California. We chose to visit after Christmas and to ring in the New Year together. It was a wonderful four and half days of warmer weather, reflection and dreaming. Every morning, I would get up and get a cup […]